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Our Journey Towards Net-zero Emissions

We’re committed to protecting the natural world by taking bold action on climate change and conservation.
The company pledges to source its materials from sustainable or renewable resources wherever possible.

Our renowned Boxes and bags have a powerful legacy. That’s why we have set goals to lessen the environmental effects of Elenianna packaging by minimizing material use, prioritizing reuse and recycling, and selecting more sustainable materials. We continue to pursue leading sustainable packaging solutions and have committed to specific targets, including using at least 50% recycled content for client-facing pulp and paper-based packaging and collateral, and at least 80% recycled content for corrugated cardboard, by the end of 2021. We are also working to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and collateral-containing plastics by 2025. Beginning in 2023, we plan to offer clients opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint through reduced packaging and smart shipping options.

A mix of FSC papers is sewn together to obtain a soft, crispy, resistant, tear-proof vintage-looking material. 100% natural and recyclable, 
For product wrapping, we use eco-friendly or reusable wrapping paper or bubbles.
The pinewood boxes is sourced from sustainably managed forests in the Carpathian and offers one of the highest qualities of wood in the world, which is why they are known for 

At elenianna, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. As Luxury Mediterranean Gastronomy we cover everything from eco-friendly packaging to products and luxury gifts. If you’re interested in exploring the collection, click the link below.

Eco Friendly, Green Gifts